Why is Generation:MJ different?

  • Giving Back to the Stoner Community we Love.

    GenerationMJ donates $4.20 from every order to the research of medical marijuana. We believe in the medicinal properties of cannabis and want to ensure fair and safe access for all users, medical and recreational.

  • Have Your Voice Heard in the Growing Cannabis Industry

    Legalizations are causing marijuana to become mainstream, for the purpose of medication and recreation. Stay updated on our social media and blogs, we'd love to hear your opinion!

  • We Know That Comfort is Important, Inside and Out.

    We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed in the cannabis community at all times so we made sure that you would be comfortable while you're wearing our shirts. 100% cotton, lightweight, stretchy, and 420 friendly!

What Does G:MJ Seek to Accomplish?

Make an Impact.

Support the future of marijuana within Canada and the USA, proceeds from each sale are donated to fairly ending the current and unfair bans on cannabis, along with furthering our research in the field of medicinal cannabis.

Represent your Generation:MJ tee at your local dispensary to raise awareness and support the growing future of cannabis.

Support Fair Legalization

It Doesn't Take Much.

For the mere price of just a couple grams of the finest herb, you could be doing your part in supporting the expanding future of our beloved plant. 

It's not a large investment, you get a comfortable shirt or hat out of it, and every province and state in Canada and the United States will benefit from improved research in medical marijuana.

What are we waiting for?!

Expand Medical Marijuana Research

Testimonials from Proud Cannabis Supporters

Brooke H. from Colorado - "I love the support that Generation:MJ is giving to the local non-profit cannabis organizations, and getting a comfortable shirt out of it is only a bonus!"


Cody T. from Ontario - "It's awesome that Canada is finally going through with legalizing weed, but I'm not a fan of how Ontario plans to control all of the sales.. What about the entrepreneurs that want to create a great dispensary experience?! Generation:MJ is fighting to protect dispensary owners with out help!"


Darren K. from Florida - "As a rehab specialist, I began following Generation:MJ due to an interest in using cannabis to solve the opioid crisis. I decided to support the brand in hopes that they will make a change to the cannabis industry and I was incredibly pleased with how soft the shirt was! I'll be proudly wearing and spreading word of the green Generation!"


Hillary B. from Texas - "I've been medicating with cannabis for a number of years but it's still technically illegal in my state, I believe that I should be able to freely access my medicine without needing to hide it and feel shady about possessing a small amount of medicine."

Support the future of cannabis starting today.

Generation:MJ Snapback - Generation:MJ

Generation:MJ Snapback

Regular price $ 34.99 CAD

Green Future Tee - Generation:MJ

Green Future Tee

Regular price $ 24.99 CAD

Growing Generation Tee - Generation:MJ

Growing Generation Tee

Regular price $ 24.99 CAD

G:MJ Letter Snapback - Generation:MJ

G:MJ Letter Snapback

Regular price $ 34.99 CAD

Canna-Knowledge Tee - Generation:MJ

Canna-Knowledge Tee

Regular price $ 24.99 CAD

G:MJ Letter Tee - Generation:MJ

G:MJ Letter Tee

Regular price $ 24.99 CAD


What exactly is Generation:MJ doing to impact the future of cannabis?

As the future generation in cannabis culture, G:MJ takes great care into the community surrounding us. We strive to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts, share opinions and ideas and make progress towards a greener future. G:MJ also donates proceeds from every order to medical marijuana research facilities located throughout North America.

Why is Generation:MJ donating? And just how much?

We see massive benefits to medical marijuana, including but not limited to; the prevention of seizures, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, the list never ends! Generation:MJ is proudly donating $4.20 from every order to expand our current research and knowledge in the field of medical marijuana, educating new growers, doctors, and dispensaries throughout the nation.

Is Generation:MJ selling cannabis of it's own?

We are not an online dispensary service, the only physical products that are sold by Generation:MJ are T-shirts and hats. We do not sell cannabis however we do support and fund the research and future sales of cannabis.

What kind of quality can I expect from Generation:MJ's clothing?

Each shirt contains an individually hand printed and treated logo on a 100% cotton, ultra light and incredibly soft tee. Expect a long lasting shirt that will remain just as soft and comfortable even after many washes. 

Our one-size-fits-most hats contain an individually machine embroidered logo, expect professional quality along with long lasting comfort and warmth.