Into The Unknown Future of Cannabis

The Compass of Cannabis, Which Way Are We Going?

where is the cannabis industry heading and what can be expected in 5 or 10 years

Some of us don't even know what we're going to have for lunch that day, or what type of weed we're going to smoke later on. How are we supposed to know where the future of cannabis is heading? The industry is entirely new to us, sure we've had our fair share of exposure to cannabis through the years but never while it was a legally used mainstream medicine.

One of the big reasons that cannabis has been (and still is) taking so long to legalize in some states and countries is because fair laws cannot be agreed upon. The government may come up with a proposal for cannabis laws but we can almost guarantee that someone will find issues with the legislation and wish to boycott or fight the laws. This is one of the big issues in Canada right now, lawmakers are even trying to convince government officials to delay the legalization although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is quite firm on the summer 2018 legalization.

This is only one example, although the United States are having issues following through with legalization in some states. Will some states and countries remain illegal in terms of cannabis laws? What about federal law, cannabis is currently illegal and classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government of the United States, will this ever change to match some of the laws that individual states have been creating?

The Global Cannabis Community

It might still take hundreds of years, or it might never happen at all, but just take a second to consider a community of cannabis that was connected globally. Imagine laws that aligned in every country you went to. Cannabis is used worldwide as medication and a safe form of recreation.. Maybe one day, we can hope!

global legalization of cannabis could potentially allow us to trade between borders and internationally

Cannabis could be safe to travel with, there would be no need to feel nervous going through borders thinking you might still have a small amount of marijuana tucked in a pocket somewhere. If every country had legal marijuana, there would be no concern with carrying marijuana. Let's be honest, the only scary thing about weed is being caught with it when you're not supposed to have it.

Trading Goods for Goods

Cannabis is different every where you go, every country has different soil and climate conditions, not to mention the incredibly wide variety of growing methods. No two strains of cannabis will ever be the exact same, I don't even think it would be possible for two different batches of the same strain to be identical! Long story short, there is an incredibly wide variety of cannabis all over the world that we have not even come close to experiencing yet.

cannabis is different anywhere you go in the world, no two strains will ever be grown the exact same

Which state or country has the best? We've heard British Columbia grows beautiful buds, but Colorado was one of the first to legalize recreational cannabis so maybe they're growing the good stuff too? What about Jamaica, the birth place of reggae and rasta vibes, they must have amazing weed.. And California, with all the rappers down there smoking kush, it's almost guaranteed that California weed is some of the best around. So how do we try it all?!

Travelling to every country just to experience their style of cannabis sounds incredible, but it's not entirely practical for everyone. Imagine if the distant, exotic cannabis could come to you instead? With globalized legal cannabis, countries would be able to trade their produce across borders and oceans. A high end grower in California could make a fair trade with a B.C. grower up North, and now both dispensaries will have access to the variety of top shelf cannabis.

Cannabis Deserves Fair Treatment

if cannabis is legalized we should be allowed to smoke in public, what is the point of legalizing if we can't even smoke weed

It's hard to imagine what cannabis will be treated like many years into the future, will it become like cigarettes with half of the population walking down the street smoking it? Something like alcohol maybe? Not used as often but generally as a social and recreational pass time on the weekends? Or maybe it will fall into place in big pharmacies, being prescribed as any other pain killers would. As of right now cannabis is just it's own industry growing in it's own direction at an incredibly fast rate.

There has already been talk of not allowing users to smoke weed in public, restricting us to private properties unless we hold a valid medical card. I believe that government organizations are taking a step in the wrong direction here, why are we legalizing it if we can only smoke it at home.. That's what we've been doing for all these years anyway! 

Our only other hope is private smoke lounges, which allow users to pay a small daily fee or membership fee to go in, smoke, and enjoy the facilities. Many lounges will have bongs and vaporizers for rent, along with TV's, board games, arcade games, etc. to keep visitors entertained. The Canadian government and some States have considered to ban these smoke lounges which would essentially translate to taking an extra 3 steps backwards. Enthusiasts are continuing to support and protect the safe smoking lounges as they might be the only "public" place we will be permitted to smoke.

It's About Time to Start Studying

since the FDA has not approved cannabis, we are unable to research and test the drug

Since cannabis has been illegal and classified as a Schedule 1 drug for all these years, we haven't been able to perform many experiments and tests on cannabis and cannabis users. Schedule 1 drugs are not permitted for any medical testing as they are considered to have "no medicinal benefits," although it is quite safe to say the opposite of cannabis. The DEA has recently opened up a comment section allowing people to voice their opinions on the Scheduling of cannabis, feel free to check out the link and have your voice be heard as well! With this initiative, it could be possible for the FDA to approve cannabis as a safe and testable substance.

This would ensure our advancement in studying, allowing us to fully understand if and how cannabis can treat various illnesses and cancers. Our knowledge of the potential side effects would grow as well, research could be done on cannabis usage in youth for medical purposes. We could also investigate further on the effects of cannabis use during pregnancy, we know some mothers-to-be use it to ease their pains and cramps, but how safe really is it? We think we know a lot about cannabis already, but there is still so much more to be studied and researched.

Hemp is Another Industry of It's Own

hemp can be used to make nearly any building material or clothing material possible, hemp can even replace oil and gasoline with biofuel

If you weren't already aware, hemp; the non-psychoactive version of cannabis, can make practically anything. You name it and there's a good chance that it can be made out of hemp and also a good chance that hemp might actually be a better material to be using. Hemp is far cleaner than any of our current resources and can be produced much faster and more environmentally friendly. 

With hemp we can create things like hemp clothing, ropes, cardboard, construction supplies, and even biofuel, environmentally friendly gasoline and oil. This is only the hemp stalks.. The seeds are also used in cooking, creating oil, cosmetic and body products, and even ink. This is only the beginning, hemp is also excellent for things like:

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Carpet
  • Insulation
  • Chemical absorbant
  • Concrete
  • Milk and protein products
  • Lubricants

Why Don't We Use Hemp for Everything?

Well to put it simply, it's still technically illegal according to federal law. Since hemp is essentially just a slightly different version of cannabis, it was also made illegal in the early 1900's, the same time cannabis became illegal. For this reason it was never widely used in production until recently, although there has been talk for years of how hemp could shut down the entire oil industry.. We'll see how that goes!

With legalizations occurring across many of the States, along with Canada's legalization on the way, it is quite possible that we will begin to see hemp used in common products and materials. At least we can hope! Surely hemp is far cleaner than cotton fields and massive oil refineries.



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