The Myth of The Lazy Stoner, Does Weed Make You Lazy?

It's All in the Indica

possible side effects of weed lazy indica causes sleepiness

Blame it all on the indica.. Indica dominant strains are known for being most beneficial around bed time, causing users to get that sleepy couch locked feeling. Perhaps this is where the myth of the lazy stoner comes into existence? We know sativa strains have quite the opposite effect, causing users to become very energetic and creative, so is it really fair to call a cannabis enthusiast "lazy?" After all, what does it mean to be lazy?

We might commonly classify laziness as someone that's always taking the easy way out, potentially missing work, not doing school work, even sleeping in could be considered lazy. But does cannabis have a direct link with any of these things.. Or is it just the person that could be lazy? 

 Is it Possible to Stay Medicated and Motivated at the Same Time?

This may actually take a special type of person.. Long-term cannabis use can actually decrease motivation to complete work for any sort of reward, money included. Dopamine is one of the primary chemicals in the brain responsible for motivation, feeling good about yourself, and positive attitudes. All of the wonderful moods you experience are most likely caused by a raise in dopamine! 

side effects of weed motivation and docus

Dopamine is also one of the primary chemicals released in the brain after smoking cannabis. Smoking weed on the special occasion won't make you want to quit work for the rest of your life we can guarantee that, but excessive exposure could effect our natural ability to produce dopamine. Completing tasks successfully and being rewarded normally increases our dopamine levels making us feel good about ourselves. If we are no longer getting that dopamine at the end of the task and feeling good about ourselves, what is the point of even completing the task?

This is only true after long-term cannabis use, and unlike most other drugs, the effects are very much reversible. Taking a break from smoking will allow your brain to readjust it's natural dopamine levels, allowing the sensation of natural reward to return.

Some Individuals Just Have Too Much Motivation..

  • Snoop Dogg (Well duuhh..)
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Clinton
  • Lebron James
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Michael Phelps
  • Nearly every rapper alive (Except Drake apparently?!)

celebrities and ceos smoke weed does not cause laziness

This is a list of some of the well known celebrities that have frequently smoked cannabis in the past, or still do to this day! It took all of these people incredible amounts of work and motivation to be where they are today, so it's not quite fair to say that pot will crush everyone's motivation. Heck, I've been writing these blogs to bring to you guys every couple days and I haven't lost any motivation so far. The blog is also about weed so it should be quite clear that I am in fact a regular user.

If all of these great role models and many more have smoked weed or still do, who's to say that you can't smoke weed and still do great things? If you have the motivation deep down within you to do something incredible, cannabis will not get in the way to stop you.

Everyone Needs Beauty Sleep, but is Weed Sleep Crossing the Line?

weed laziness depends on the person someone lazy may find themselves lazier after smoking weed

This is another issue that depends on the person, their tolerance, their intake, and many other factors. While some users may find that cannabis is an incredibly useful sleep aid, there has been some studies that claim smoking weed especially before bed could cause a disruption to REM sleep. (Rapid Eye Movement, or deep sleep.) REM sleep is the sleep stage responsible for the most effective rest and recovery, as well as the stage responsible for all of your dreams. 

Sleeping in can become a potential hazard caused by the reduction of REM sleep. By not getting the most beneficial and effective rest throughout the night, you could find yourself sleeping in or possibly tired during the day. This is generally not caused by occasional use or medicinal use though. It would require a fair bit of cannabis right before bed to feel any sleepy "weed hangover" symptoms. 

This all depends on the weed as well, an indica is much more likely to make the user feel sleepy while a sativa is more uplifting and energizing. This doesn't mean a sativa strain will keep you up all night though. Enough cannabis, no matter what strain it is will tend to make you sleepy.

Putting the High into High School

high school exposes teens to drugs, alcohol, violence and sex

Generally high school is the initial exposure to everything adult. Teens start partying, drinking alcohol, many will try smoking weed, plus all the nasty things we won't get into. The number of teens partaking in self-medicating through their high school years is steadily increasing as cannabis is becoming more popular and less illegal. We know grades don't exactly correlate with how lazy someone may or may not be, some people just have a genuine disinterest in school and that's fair, it's the 21st century with thousands of other ways to learn. But does cannabis have an effect on general school performance and interest?

This may be something to be wary of, smoking weed in adolescents can be dangerous as the brain is still developing and growing at this time. Smoking weed can create new neural connections in the brain, potentially effecting one's focus, memory, and ability to concentrate and learn new things. Occasional use will not have major side effects, although with daily continued use it could effect a young teen's cognitive ability.

Like most things though, use in moderation is not by any means deadly. It seems the most hazardous thing about smoking marijuana in high school is the possible legal issues. With some states and countries currently remaining illegal, young teens could get in serious trouble with the law, parents, and teachers, this is more dangerous than any side effects that may come from occasional cannabis use. Teens that are known for smoking weed are sadly regarded as less intelligent and focused on school, although this is not always necessarily true, remember the list of successful pot smokers?

I Want to Smoke Weed, but I Also Want to do Great Things..

So do it, if someone has lazy tendencies to begin with they may be more likely just to smoke a bowl and relax for the evenings. But what about the medical users with corporate jobs and management positions? If you're truly internally motivated to accomplish massive things, the weed will not stop you. 


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